Celebrating Women Business Owners AND Mt. Pleasant Radio Show?! Huh?

October is National Women’s Small Business Month! Being a small business owner myself, well, I think we deserve a little recognition for our vision, hard work and contribution to our communities and the economy. Kudos to all women who own a small business!! Here’s a toast to all of you who took a chance at your dream and saw it to fruition. YOU ROCK!!!!!!

According to the eighth annual 2018 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express:

  • By January 2018 there were 12.3 million women-owned businesses in the US. These businesses employed 9.2 million people and generated revenues totaling $1.8 trillion.
  • Compared to all firms, women-owned businesses accounted for 58% of firms, employed 21% of the workforce, and generated 46% of revenues.
  • When it comes to growth, the businesses owned by women also fared better, surging 58% from 2007 to 2018. All other businesses on the other had increased by 12% during the same period. This was an annual growth of 4.2%.
  • Between 2017 and 2018, there were 1,821 net new women-owned businesses added per day.
  • Almost half or 48% of women business owners are between 45 and 65 years old, with 67% over 45 years of age. Women between 25 to 44 years made up the second largest group at 31%.
  • The vast majority, or 88% of women-owned businesses generated revenues of less than $100K.
  • The businesses which made between $100,000 and $249,999 accounted for 5% of all women-owned businesses.

As you can see – women contribute to our economy in a significant way across the country but today I want to focus on the women owned businesses right here in our quaint little town of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. If I left anyone out (accidentally) type in the comments the name of the business so we can recognize her.

As we all know, Mt. Pleasant is currently going through a revitalization effort. More people from out of state and out of town have been moving here in the last couple of years just like my husband and I did a year and a half ago. We fell in love with the historic buildings downtown and the historic homes.

Photo Credit: Videoblocks

Yes, I’m going to say it again. 🙂 For a community to thrive and be alive, it takes a village. It takes people like these women business owners, to take a risk on opening a business in a not so bustling town. But we knew that coming into it and decided it was worth the risk otherwise we wouldn’t be here. Believe me, I know it takes fortitude especially on the days of few customers. Sometimes, I do ask myself, “What the heck did I get myself into?” 🙂 

But then I regroup  and remind myself that this store is a dream and goal of mine and even more so I would like to think 1824 General Store is providing a valuable service to residents in our community and surrounding areas.

Without our women owned businesses and services downtown,  there would be more vacant buildings falling apart, boarded up and sad looking and not many shopping options. So I encourage you during this month of October to stop in at least one of these women owned businesses and say ‘THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!’ And  another great way to say ‘thank you’ is by purchasing something in their store and telling your friends about your awesome purchase and invite them to go check out the Mt. Pleasant shops. That’s what will help keep all of these businesses open. Without community support, businesses are at risk for closing their doors and none of us want to do that. 🙂

And for those of you who do frequent the downtown businesses, a huge THANK YOU!! The other day, as people came into our store – I noticed that each person was a ‘regular’ customer of ours meaning they shop here frequently and it brought joy to me. I love that my customers appreciate us being here and the products we have that they keep on coming back.!!!!

Here are the Women Owned Businesses in Mt. Pleasant (that I am aware of).

Photo credit: Resiko


You’ve heard right!! Mt. Pleasant will soon have it’s own radio show talking about all things Mt. Pleasant and surrounding communities. How awesome is that? The name of the show, “DRIVE SOUTH”.

This Friday at 9 am on WKOM 101.7 FM will be the first radio show for Mt. Pleasant that I’m aware of. This will be a once a week show, same time and place. The topics will rotate each week depending on what’s happening in and around town. Several of the merchants got together to help make this possible through purchasing ads for the show. But the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON responsible for making this opportunity possible is MICHELLE MORGAN with Hay Long Hall.

It was her vision and contacts that brought this radio show to fruition. Any businesses that want to purchase ad space in the form of a recorded commercial, contact Michelle Morgan at Hay Long Hall.

Friday’s show will consist of:

George Hamilton V will be the show’s host.




Michael Kelsh is the guest musician.




Marshall McGaw, author of Tales from the Backwards Z will be interviewed. He wrote this book which are stories of growing up in Mt. Pleasant. Of course we sell his book in our store. See, we make it easy for you.


Damien Boggs will be playing at Hay Long Hall on Saturday, October 13th from 7-10pm and will be interviewed on the first show.



HOW EXCITING!! I’m so happy for our town and so appreciate all the people that live here and have started businesses here (male and female). Thank you!!

Until next time 🙂 Angela


“It’s such a damn little lot..”

My husband Matt was traveling for work this week and came across a ‘little’ General Store.  He loves to take the back roads and stay off the interstate when possible. Fortunately for me and you, he took a few pictures of this old General Store that’s being swallowed up by vines and the weather.

Little Lot General Store w/husband’s finger in photo

Little Lot is an unincorporated community in Hickman County, Tennessee. Little Lot is located on Tennessee State Route 230 8.1 miles east of Centerville.

According to the Hickman County website,  early settlers were mostly pioneers from Maryland. Hugh McCabe settled on Little Lot lands in 1810 and donated one quarter of an acre of land for a church and school. Parker Tyler said of the donated land and naming the town, “It’s such a damn little lot, we can’t give it a big name”. The town was then appropriately named Little Lot.

The first General Store in Little Lot was built by Ferdinand B. Russell in 1853. But apparently a devastating tornado hit the town in 1902. I would imagine the General Store might have been demolished from that tornado  since 1916 is the year on this Little Lot General Store ‘s building.

General Stores back in the day were such an important part of the community not only for providing goods but a place that people gathered and chatted while shopping. I love experiencing that today in my own store. I’ll have a customer in the store looking around and here comes another one and they both know each other and start chatting. I don’t know what it is about that, but maybe just the ‘sense of community’ and belonging it represents. Always puts a smile on my face. 🙂

I would like to think General Stores such as mine are still an important part of communities. Maybe not in the same sense as 100 years ago but hey, we still have goods people like and need and who knows who you might run into while you’re here?


I LOVE seeing customers both new and returning come to the store and buy their favorite foods or find the perfect gift for a friend or for them self; brings me joy to see their happy faces. 🙂

Today I had the pleasure of this little girl shopping in the store and finding a milk maid doll filling up the bucket with candy.  She loves picking out candy from our store and getting a 1 cent bubble gum from the machine. So sweet…..


We appreciate all of you more than you know for shopping at 1824 General Store!! Not only is it a pleasure to get to know you but we appreciate your community spirit of shopping local in Mt. Pleasant not only here in our store but all the stores in our quaint town.

Of course as in any town, stores will come and go and new ones will open over the years but the best way for all the stores to have a chance to remain in business is having the support of the community in which we live, the surrounding communities and visitors alike. It takes a village! (Yes, I know you’ve heard me say that a gazillion times but it really does) We probably don’t have everything you need or want, but if you could first look in the Mt. Pleasant stores for what you may need or want before going elsewhere – you may be surprised of the amazing, awesome, delicious gifts and food you will discover.

Downtown Mt. Pleasant

We have restaurants in town, clothing boutiques, a general store of course, a coffee shop, vintage goods, baby clothes, a new hemp store, an event venue… the list goes on. So if you haven’t been to downtown Mt. Pleasant in awhile – I encourage you to come check out the stores and say hi to the owners.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Don’t Forget Our Next Event – Get Your Tickets Now !!

“An Evening with Author, Scott Mertie Owner of Nashville Brewing Company”

Click here for more information and tickets.

Scott Mertie, Owner of Nashville Brewing Company

Cool Stuff Happening in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn

Downtown Mt. Pleasant, Tenn

There are all kinds of happenings in the Mt. Pleasant area in the coming days and weeks so this week’s blog is focused on giving you information about them. Hopefully you can make it out to some of the events and support the businesses and communities hosting them.

Watershed Public Theater presents ‘ James and the Giant Peach’

Lots of dates to choose from. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for kids. The theatre is located in Columbia. For more information and tickets click here.


Muletown Hemp and Cafe Grand Opening: Located at 112 Hay Long in Mt. Pleasant.  Friday, September 21st from 11am – 7pm. Click here for more information.


Hay Long Hall presents ‘Danny Trashville Live’

Located at 103 Hay Long in Mt. Pleasant.  Saturday, September 22nd from 7pm-9pm. Tickets $10. Click here for more information and tickets.


Hay Long Hall presents ‘No King Am I” Live Worship Service and Community Potluck

Located at 103 Hay Long in Mt. Pleasant. Sunday, September 30th from 1pm – 4pm. FREE ! For more information click here.


1824 General Store presents ‘An Evening with Author Scott Mertie, Owner of Nashville Brewing Company

Located at 106 North Main Street in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday, October 13th: 6pm – 8pm. Tickets are $30. Click here for info.


Mid-South Barbecue Festival 

Located on Town Square in Mt. Pleasant. Friday, October 19th and Saturday, October 20th. BBQ competition, vendor fair, live music, BBQ and more. FREE. For more information click here.


Mt. Pleasant Spin presents ‘Rhythm Riders’

Coming sometime in October, FREE spin classes. Great workout and fun time.

Click here to stay informed and for more information.


State of the City Department Report

For those of  you who may not be aware, the City of Mt. Pleasant, Tenn puts out a State of the City report each month highlighting various things happening and so much more. Click here to access and read it.

Until next time   🙂  Angela

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Who Let The Dogs Out?!!

Who Let The Dogs Out?! For audio click on photo to listen. (photo from World Wildlife Fund) (sound clip from spaceflight.nasa.gov)

This past week I’ve been without a car because it needs some much needed TLC from the mechanic. I’m very fortunate though to live and work in the same town and in walking distance of the store; no long commutes for me which I’m very appreciative of. I commuted about an hour each way to and from work for many years so I understand the time it takes and at times, the patience it requires on the road.

One of the many things I was so excited about when I moved to Mt. Pleasant was the ability to walk out my front door and go walking in the morning or evening in my neighborhood. I moved from an area where that wasn’t an option for me. I had to drive somewhere to walk and get some exercise. So, what a treat it would be to just walk out my front door or so I thought.

I moved here about a year and a half ago and unfortunately have walked my neighborhood only about a dozen or so times. Why? For fear of being attacked or bitten by roaming dogs not on leashes or with owners. It’s not what I had envisioned of my quiet, peaceful walks in my neighborhood but it is my current reality and others also.

The majority of dogs in my neighborhood are behind fences, in their homes or on leashes which I am very thankful for and appreciate that as a non-dog owner.  It’s not a matter of whether or not I own a dog, it’s a matter of public safety.

In fact, the other day a customer of ours walked over to the store with her dog on a leash (as she always does) but had two unleashed dogs following along with her that weren’t hers. She was trying to keep them with her as not to get hit by a car but they ran off on their own crossing the busy streets. While standing outside with her, here came another one down Bluegrass. It’s not only the safety of people but the unleashed dogs themselves that are the concern.

My intent for this blog is to bring awareness and ask residents in the city limit neighborhoods to do what we all can to make our streets, sidewalks and city a safe and walk-able place for residents and visitors alike.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time pointing out one story after another I’ve heard or experienced, but rather ask the question to all of you, “Is there anything we as residents can do together to ensure the safety of our kids, our pets, ourselves and our visitors?”I don’t have all the answers so hoping anyone reading this blog may have some amazing solutions to share which I’m sure are out there.

But it’s also important for everyone to know what some of us have experienced due to unleashed dogs in the neighborhoods so we can all become more aware and come up with helpful solutions to the problem since we do not have Mt. Pleasant Animal Control to call for assistance.

There are people who are fearful to walk just as I am and choose not to risk it, others have been bitten and attacked by dogs, dogs have attacked other animals and dogs have had close encounters with moving vehicles.  In researching what is already in place with the City, I found there is a leash law requiring dogs to be on a leash while not in the privacy of their own home but that’s about it.

Since we do not have animal control in the City, some of our choices are:

  • Call the non-emergency number for the Mt. Pleasant Police Dept if you see or are concerned about unleashed dogs. (931 379 3201)
  • If you are being attacked by an unleashed dog – call 911 for help.
  • Walk with a stick to keep unleashed dogs at a distance.
  • Walk with some pepper spray in case of attack to avoid being bit or injured.
  • Maury County has an Animal Control number although I’m not sure how fast they could get out here for assistance but it’s worth a try. (931 375-1403)

The City is doing so many things to make this community a desirable place to work and live and play through grant money for a splash pad, a dog park, and Main Street revitalization through the TDOT grant including efforts and projects from individuals and business owners.  It takes a village.

I think we all deserve to live in a safe, clean community. People reading this blog may not have the same view or experience as me and that’s OK. That’s what makes our world such a great place; diversity of culture, views and perceptions. 🙂  So, I thought I’d share my perception, thoughts and concerns regarding this issue with all of you.

I would love to hear ideas on how we as a community can address the issue since we do not have Animal Control as an option. And certainly if you have or know more information than I currently have that would help this situation, would love to hear that also. Your ideas and suggestions are welcomed and valued so please share!

Until next time 🙂  Angela

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An Evening with Scott Mertie: Owner of Nashville Brewing Co

Let me introduce you to this awesome guy in this photo.  He is the Founder and Owner of Nashville Brewing Company, Scott Mertie.  We had an event here at the store back in January so I reached out to him (never met him before) and asked if he could send a representative for his beer and provide samples to those stopping in the store.  We carried their craft beer and I wanted to have it represented at the event because it is really good beer.

Without hesitation, he arranged it for me and we had a great turnout. Well a month or so later he and his wife stopped in at the store for the first time on their way hunting. Both of them were so nice to chat with. During our conversation discussing the revitalization and history of downtown Mt. Pleasant, Scott told me about a book he wrote called ‘Nashville Brewing’. The book talks about the history of brewing in Nashville.

He offered to come back out in the future (if I’d like) and speak about his book at our store and  offer tastings of their award winning beer. I told him, I would ABSOLUTELY take him up on that  offer in the future.


We are just beyond thrilled and elated to host this incredible evening with Author, Scott Mertie and Founder of Nashville Brewing Company. For all of you who are lovers of great beer or like to think of yourself as a historian or simply enjoy hanging out with awesome people – than attending this event is a must!!

The event will start at 6:00 pm  through approximately 8:00 pm. Tickets are limited to ~40 attendees. So, if you are interested in attending this fun and informative event, NOW is the time to purchase your tickets.

We are SO000000 fortunate to have Scott Mertie speak about Nashville’s Brewing History and sample their award winning beers. We will even have their Oktoberfest beer on hand. Guaranteed to be a blast!! Hope to see you there!!

Nashville Brewing Company claimed a silver award for their Nashville Lager in the 2018 World Beer Cup, a global beer competition that evaluates beers from around the world and recognizes the most outstanding brewers and their beers.

Event Information

  • Tickets are $30 per person  (such a deal)
  • Scott Mertie to speak about Nashville Brewing History
  • Free tastings of Nashville Brewing’s Award Winning Beers
  • Receive a Nashville Brewing Pint Glass Souvenir
  • Receive an autographed copy of Scott’s book: Nashville Brewing
  • Light snacks served
  • Hang out with fun, like minded people (history lovers – beer lovers – both)


Looking forward to seeing you all on Saturday, October 13th.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Mama Mia! It’s Mama Merrill’s!!!

Here we are coming up on the end of August already. We’ve had a taste of fall in the air these past couple of weeks with  some crisp, cool mornings.

But with fall and winter months ahead of us many kids and adults alike are susceptible to flu symptoms and colds. I remember last year when so many people got the flu or were concerned they would. Schools closed for flu days. That’s right, flu days not snow days. You know it’s serious stuff when the school tells kids to STAY HOME!!  

Regular and Spicy Tonic Available

People were flocking to our store to get Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic in hopes to avoid the flu or a cold.  This tonic is amazing and people  that took it daily told me it kept them from getting ill altogether or had very few symptoms that were short lived.  I  took my tablespoon a day as well and for me, it kept the doctor away. No flu or cold for me!! 🙂


What a pleasure it is for me to highlight this Made in Tenn product, Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic and the Founder of the company, Ashley Merrill. Not only is Ashley a kind and caring person but her product is outstanding! 

Ashley is a Nashville native, passionate about her family’s health and yours. We are so fortunate to have her quality product sold in our store that has helped so many. Several of you met her at our Made in Tenn Tasting Event this month as she was there handing out tastings and talking about her products.

What is Mama Merrill’s Elderberry TonicIt’s a tonic that helps boost your immune system and provides additional benefits.

When asked how she got started in her business, she said, “I was basically an accidental entrepreneur. Just being a mom trying to take care of my kiddos. Especially during the winter months I saw the need for a higher quality Elderberry syrup without funky preservatives like sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The only solution I could come up with was to start making my own, and I figured while I was at it I should add healthy ingredients and make it tasty!  It impacted our family’s health so positively, I couldn’t help but share it with everyone I came across. When friends and family kept coming back for more, I realized I had a wonderful opportunity to make it a business.”

Ashley knew elderberries helped boost the immune system and spent two years developing and testing  Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonics using a proprietary process and blend of powerful ingredients.

“I added ingredients we were already trying to incorporate into our diets, like local honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger and turmeric.” said Ashley.


Each of the ingredients used in Mama Merrill’s Tonic have been carefully selected because of their scientifically proven positive effects such as reduced inflammation, seasonal allergy relief and a greater immune system to help fight off sickness.

I thank God every day for the opportunity to be a small part of helping others get sick less often and feel better when they do get sick! The testimonies we receive from people thanking us for the products keeps us going, knowing that we are making a tangible difference in the daily lives of many people! “, says Ashley.

I too have heard COUNTLESS testimonials from our customers that take this tonic who avoided the flu, never caught a cold when everyone around them seemed to have one and just feel better overall. The positive testimonials go on and on.

So, if you haven’t been taking your daily dose of Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic, I HIGHLY encourage you to start doing so before the flu and cold season comes.  Because it comes every year like clockwork. But doing what you can to improve your immune system before it hits will really help reduce your chances of catching anything.

In our 1824 General Store, we carry both Regular and Spicy Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic. In the beginning of September we will also have her newest product Mama Merrill’s Simple Elderberry Tonic. This tonic was crafted specifically for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain spices or honey.  It has only 3 ingredients: Water, 100% Apple Juice, and Elderberries! Come and get it!! You’ll be sooooo glad you did. 🙂

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Organic Sambucus Nigra Elderberries– high in vitamin C and flavonoids & shown to have extensive health benefits; prevent & reduce cold & flu symptoms, anti-oxidants (cancer prevention), promote regularity, lower blood sugar, skin revitalizer, circulatory system protectant and more!

Local (Middle Tennessee) Honey– known for its ability to ease allergy symptoms naturally, learn more here. 

Apple Cider Vinegar– the health benefits of ACV are too vast to list! Learn more here. 

Immune-Boosting Spice Blend containing Turmeric– Scientists have discovered the power of Turmeric exceeds that of 10 commonly prescribed medications used to treat inflammation, depression, chronic pain, cancer and more!

Mama Merrill’s Spicy Elderberry &Turmeric Tonic with Cayenne & Pepper is the same basic recipe,with a couple powerful additions. Sweet with a kick, it’s a crowd favorite! Cayenne has been scientifically proven to aid in detox, and benefits the gut, heart and more! Scientists have also proven Black Pepper increases the absorption of Turmeric! Learn more here.

Colonel Robert Melville Cooper Etc.

In chatting with our own Postmaster, Robert Wakefield about the 200 year celebration of the existence of the Mt. Pleasant Post Office happening THIS FRIDAY , August 24th – he told me some very interesting facts about the 5th Postmaster of the Mt. Pleasant Post Office. 

Photo from FindAGrave.com

His name is Colonel Robert Melville Cooper. He was born in 1790 in South Carolina and had 11 siblings. His father died when he almost 8 years old and then his mother packed up the children and moved to Tennessee. First to Nashville, then Williamson County and then settling in Maury County in 1809.

He married Catherine Cooper in 1816 and they had 15 children together. I know that was the norm back in the day but could you imagine as a woman giving birth to 15 babies and raising them and paying for them now a days? Lord Have Mercy!! We definitely live in different times.

A little military background on the Colonel:

  • Private in Capt. Bird S. Hurt’s Company, 1st Regiment Tennessee Militia(Col. William Metcalf) Smith’s Brigade, Carroll’s Division
  • 1814 joined State Militia to fight with General Andrew Jackson’s Army from Nov. 13, 1814 to May 13, 1815
  • He wrote that he participated in the Battle of New Orleans on Jan. 8, 1815
  • On June 6, 1817, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel and commandant of the 51st Regiment of the State Militia of Tennessee
  • He is noted for identifying the remains of Meriwether Lewis, by the nails he made for the casket in a letter written to Col. Draper

In 1810 Cooper opened the first store in Mt. Pleasant (maybe it was a General Store?).  He moved to Mississippi for a while and then returned to Maury County in 1825  where he owned a farm six miles south of Mt. Pleasant.

Photo from FindaGrave.com

He served as Postmaster in Mt. Pleasant and was very active until his death  in 1878 at the age of 87. He died at the home of his daughter, Ellen Houser. He is buried in McClain Cemetery  in Hohenwald, Tennessee. (information found here was listed on FindAGrave.com)

Don’t forget this Friday, August 24th marks 200 years the Mt. Pleasant Post Office has been serving the community. Stop in and mail yourself a letter to get the special cancellation; something to treasure for years. It will only be available on August 24th. If you can’t make it to the post office on Friday to drop off your self addressed stamped envelope,  feel free to drop off today or tomorrow to me at the store and I’ll be sure to bring it over on Friday. Just make sure your letter is addressed and has a stamp on it.


According to the Columbia Daily Herald, the courthouse was approved from the County Commission.  It will cost $2.9 million paid through the county’s litigation tax.

Photo Credit: Columbia Daily Herald

The new court will be located right down the street from our store on Bluegrass Ave and Olive Street.  It will be 5,500 square-feet and include a single 160-person courtroom and two conference rooms. An important aspect of the design is to keep incarcerated folks away from the non-incarcerated folks. Keeping safety in mind!

So we get a new court building and a safer one for all concerned in building safety and personal safety.  YAY!! In addition, another benefit is there will be parking spaces available on Main Street for people visiting the shops. Every week on busy court days, the streets are lined with parked cars; mostly for court parking not shopping in our cute town. So, this should free up spaces for people to come and park easier and stroll through the shops.


Example of a Splash Pad

Another wonderful grant awarded to Mt. Pleasant. This award is for $75K and will be super fun for kids; a splash pad. Thanks to Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation for taking the lead on this project and for all who were involved.


I believe the high school students will be designing the splash pad which makes it even cooler. 🙂

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)  announced a series of grants totaling more than $15 million to help fund parks and recreation projects in Tennessee communities. Mt. Pleasant was 1 of 51 communities receiving grants.

“Easy access to parks, trails, walking paths and other recreational facilities can make a good community a great community,” said Haslam. “These grants provide the resources needed to help make Tennessee an even more desirable place to live, work and raise a family.”

TO THE MT. PLEASANT COMMUNITY, MADE IN TENN VENDORS AND ALL VISITORS! We had a great turnout at our Made in Tenn Tasting Event on Saturday, August 18th. The vendors had a great time chatting it up with everyone and  my family and I had a great time with all of you. Thank you for coming out and supporting our event.  YOU ROCK!!!!!!!


  • Teen night at Haylong Hall (101 Haylong – Old Church)
  • Open Mic Night
  • Ages 13 – 19 years old
  • 7:00pm – 9pm
  • More details to follow next week

Until next time 🙂 Angela

Made in Tenn Tasting Event!! Yum,Yum!!

Wow! This sounds like a lot of fun. When/Where/What/Who/Why?!!!

When:  Saturday (this coming Saturday) from 3PM – 6PM

Where:   1824 General Store/106 North Main Street in Mt. Pleasant

What:  Free tastings of Made in Tenn products

Who: Our amazing suppliers that make their food/products right here in Tenn

Why: Because we know the products our Made in Tenn vendors make are delicious and made with a whole lot of love. Most of the companies are made up of families or a small number of staff. We get the privilege of supporting a small business in Tennessee while getting a great product to sell to you our customers and you our customers get to enjoy delicious food made in our home State. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Bonus: If you purchase any of the Made in Tenn products featured during the 3PM-6PM event time, you will receive 10% off. (Only on featured TN products and only during those hours)

We are very fortunate to have all of these Made in Tenn products available in our store for our customers. Each and everyone of the people behind these companies that we deal with for ordering, asking questions, deliveries, etc are such a pleasure to work with.

And a huge thanks to all of our vendors for taking time out of your day to set up a table and provide food tastings to all our visitors on Saturday.

And a huge thanks to all of you who are planning on visiting the store for the Made in Tenn Tasting Event. Stop by anytime between 3PM – 6PM and meet the vendors and taste their products. It’s all FREE!!

** Note: The store will be closed on Saturday for just 30 minutes from 2:30-3:00pm to allow the vendors to set up their tables. We will  re-open at 3:00pm.  (Of course we will open at 10am on Saturday as normal)

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Who’s Celebrating 200 Years Old?

Could it be that we are celebrating Mt. Pleasant City becoming 200 years old? Nope! Because our store 1824 General Store is named after the year the city was incorporated so that celebration won’t take place until 2024. So, who or what else could it be? Certainly not a ‘person’. If that were the case – Mt. Pleasant would get all kinds of publicity to see if there was something in the water that causes people to live to 200 years old. There would no longer be the need to ‘market’ Mt. Pleasant. We would be famous and flooded with people.

Well, some of you may have already guessed it but for those of you who are clueless like I was, I’ll tell you. 🙂 Mount Pleasant’s Post Office will be servicing Mt. Pleasant for 200 years on August 24, 2018.  (1818-2018)

Mt. Pleasant, Tenn Post Office

That’s incredible.  That’s six years before the city was chartered. While the Postal Service has no official motto, according to the USPS blog, the popular belief that it does is a tribute to America’s postal workers. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”.  THANK YOU for servicing our community for 200 years!!

Postmaster Robert Wakefield said, “On this day (Friday, August 24, 2018), the Post Office will celebrate its 200th year by offering a ‘special cancellation’.


But wait.. what is a cancellation?

cancellation (or cancel for short; French: “oblitération”) is a postal marking applied on a postage stamp or postal stationery to deface the stamp and prevent its re-use. Cancellations come in a huge variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colors.”

Post Office Entrance

So mark your calendars for Friday, August 24th to stop in at the Mt. Pleasant Post Office at 201 North Main Street in Mt. Pleasant, Tennessee and get your special cancellation on your stamp.  I’m going to mail myself a letter with a note inside it about this 200 year celebration so  in years to come I won’t forget why I have it or why I’ve been  saving it. Then when I get it in the mail not only will I have the special cancellation on the stamp to treasure but my  kids and grand-kids for years to come will know why it’s an important letter and hopefully not throw it away but rather appreciate and remember the history it represents.

I suggest you do the same. What a great way to celebrate Mt. Pleasant’s  Post Office and say hi to the friendly postal employees while you’re at it.


It’s No Longer a Marathon; It’s a Sprint

Sprinting and Focus

When I first moved here and started looking into the feasibility of owning a business in downtown Mt. Pleasant – I heard from a few people that the revitalization of the town is a marathon. That it will take many years for the city to revive and thrive again. Having my business for 9 months now (time flies) and learning about those who started the revitalization process like Jim Barrier, MCI, Mt. Pleasant City and countless others – I see how much work, time, effort, money, love, caring and vision over 8+ years has gone into this town. A huge THANK YOU to all of you!!!

This is my own perception from what I observe and believe – but I think those before us have run the marathon (the slow, steady pace) for the City and now we as residents, owners of businesses and the City are willing, able and excited to sprint the rest of the way. We have so many positive things going for us right now, that it’s important to keep that momentum going.

With all of us doing something, the momentum will continue and before long we will have a thriving downtown not only for the benefit of residents but for visitors. With new people moving every week it seems to Mt. Pleasant, not only are they excited to live in this quaint town, but they shop our stores and become involved in the community. They go to Ace Hardware for home repair items, they eat at Pepe’s, they shop at Nelipot Boutique, they attend our churches; all of which are good for our community and businesses. THANK YOU  to each and every one of you for moving here and supporting our community and for all who have lived here for years.

We are sprinting that’s for sure. With all the great news about Mt. Pleasant, grants being given to the City for various projects, industry moving here and the list goes on – momentum is happening. I’ve already listed several positive things in my blog over the weeks for our community and today I have the pleasure once again to announce more good news for the City.

$1,250,000 Grant for the City’s Downtown Revitalization Project 


This  grant  was awarded to the City of Mt. Pleasant by TDOT. It will include work on all infrastructure, sidewalks, streets, street lights, roads, ADA compliance, traffic lights……….all things towards improving transportation on foot and vehicle on a section of Main Street and hopefully will include underground utilities. Our historic downtown Main Street will be even better than it is today and easier for people to navigate through. Just so EXCITING!!

TN Vacation.com

The TN Department of Tourist Development asked for a list of women-owned businesses in Mt. Pleasant as they wanted to write an article on them. From the list they chose the following women’s stores to feature:


1824 General Store          Nelipot Boutique

Dari Gem      Jernigan’s on Main

Buckhead Coffee       Tailored Tumbleweed

You can read the article ‘A Day in Mount Pleasant, Tennessee’ by Melissa Corbin.  Thank you TN Vacation for featuring Mt. Pleasant and the women-owned businesses.

Together we will sprint!

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Will Mt. Pleasant, Tenn Be Next?

Several months ago, Kate Collier, the City Manager for Mt. Pleasant had mentioned in an email to a group of us that her friend had told her about something called The Small Business Revolution.

Well, I quickly looked into it to see what it was all about. Deluxe Corporation, is a marketing company that has been around since 1915. In celebration of their 100th anniversary they decided to do something incredible, over the top, unheard of, amazing, giving, thoughtful and just down right kind!! Here’s how they explain it:

The company celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2015, creating the Small Business Revolution as a way to celebrate the small businesses that drive our economy and bring our communities together, and create a movement of support. We created the Small Business Revolution – Main Street to help those small businesses, and in turn, those small towns, reignite the spark that drives them and keeps people coming back.

Each season they look for a small town to help and choose six businesses to participate by gifting $500,000 towards the town’s revitalization efforts. They spend the money where it will be best utilized. It may be setting up an existing business with a new website, business cards, shelving etc.; whatever the need may be to help them become more efficient, organized, seen on the Internet etc. They also look at what the town in general might benefit from.  Once the town is chosen as the winner the town’s transformation is featured in their online series. It’s pretty cool.

Historic Downtown Mt. Pleasant. Tenn

Once I read about that, I reached out to see how to nominate Mt. Pleasant and was told applications for Season 4 would take place in the Fall of 2018. Since learning about this opportunity several months ago- I’ve watched every video series for the 3 seasons on the Small Business Revolution gleaning whatever information, knowledge, expertise I possibly could. I’m not sure exactly ‘how’ the whole process works for nominating a town until they announce the nomination process in the Fall but I do believe it’s something along these lines.

You submit video or print or both about your town and somewhere in the process I believe towns are voted on to be chosen as the winner to be the recipient of this incredible gift. When I get more information on how and when, I’ll be sure to write another blog on it.

Amanda Brinkman and Robert Herjavec

Could you imagine getting $500K for our town and businesses, marketing advice and tools from Amanda Brinkman of Deluxe and business advice from Robert Herjavec from the Shark Tank? Mt. Pleasant could absolutely benefit big time from these two and their team of experts to continue us in the right direction of our revitalization. You can bet when it comes to making sure we have a gazillion votes, letters, videos that not only me but other business owners, City Officials, residents and non-residents will be involved.

After posting one of my blogs on Instagram about Mt. Pleasant’s revitalization efforts, Small Business Revolution started following me on Instagram and suggested we nominate our town. Well , of course we will. 🙂 That was the plan all along from months ago when Kate’s friend mentioned it to Kate who mentioned to some of us. I’m just waiting Amanda on how to nominate our town so once that information becomes available, we’re going to get started on the process. Woot! Woot!

We residents, we business owners, we City officials, we visitors to Mt. Pleasant, we who love Mt. Pleasant, we investors of Mt. Pleasant, we Maury County residents, we kids, we adults….. can all jump on board the


wagon when the time comes to give our town the best possible chance of winning the whole enchilada. What am I saying? ‘best possible chance’?! We must go into this process believing and knowing that we are the winners of Season 4!!! Now doesn’t that feel a whole lot more exciting and fun than ‘a chance’? Of course it does!! We will do it together and it will be a very fun journey!! Stay tuned.

Thank you Deluxe! Thank you Robert and Amanda for caring about small town America and the businesses that help keep them thriving.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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