The Great British Baking Show and the Iconic Bowls

If you are familiar with the British Bake Off show that has aired for several years, then you’ve probably noticed all the iconic Mason Cash bowls they use on the show. This is where I first learned of these and have since used for my own personal use.

I was so excited to be able to choose for all of you Mason Cash products that I think you will enjoy using as much as I do. At last our shipment arrived and it was an exciting and fun day to unpack these beautiful pieces of cookware to display in our store. As soon as you get an opportunity, come on down to the store and check out the selection for yourself or as a gift.

I know some of you do not like to think about Christmas shopping in March – but I’m telling you if you purchase something like a Mason Cash bowl or cookware – anyone that cooks, bakes, etc. is sure to be pleased with a gift like this. You might as well start now. You’ll probably thank me when it gets closer to Christmas and you pull out the Mason Cash you bought back in March and realize you are almost done with your shopping. 🙂 Oh Happy Days!!

According to food52 –
Mason Cash began in the English village of Church Gresley in the early 1800s, first under the name of Master Potter ‘Bossy’ Mason. In 1901, Thomas Cash purchased the pottery from Bossy, keeping the original name and combining with his own to form Mason Cash & Co.

Church Gresley was one of a collection of English villages at the epicenter of a flourishing pottery industry during the nineteenth century. Along with Swadlincote and Woodville, these villages gave rise to a community of potteries and artisans who were drawn to the region because of the plentiful, naturally occurring coal and clay.

Home cooks everywhere love Mason Cash not only because of the beauty of their products and the long time history of its existence, but the design and functionality. Food52 says, Snuggle the mixing bowl firmly under the crook of your arm and the raised pattern acts as a grip while you whip your batters into submission. No slippery twisting and turning.

The bowls will stand the test of time. But it’s not just bowls Mason Cash produces but other baking and cooking items such as the pie funnels and measuring spoons. Come on in and check it out.

Some Announcements in the Town

  • Nelipot Boutique is closed until March 9th at which time they will reopen celebrating their ONE year anniversary. Check out their FB page for more details.
  • Mt. Pleasant Grille is ready to serve up some breakfast, lunch and dinner to all of you so stop on in and enjoy a good meal and service. They also have a ‘Customer Experience Survey’ they would love for you to take so they know what they are doing great and where improvement is needed. You can scan the QR Code on the back of the card or type in a web address to access the survey next time you dine at the Grille.
  • Perk Spot Coffee Shop and Kinzer Pharmacy are the two new businesses on Main Street so be sure to stop by and check them out if you haven’t yet.

We will be heading out this week on vacation but not to worry. My mother, son and daughter will be taking good care of the store and our house in our absence. Stop on by the store and say hello to them. Thank goodness for family to pitch in when needed. 🙂

Until next time 🙂 Angela – We (small business owners) LOVE it when you shop small with us. Thank you!

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