Family Traditions for the Holidays

I love this time of year when Christmas decorations are bountiful and beautiful everywhere you go. Christmas music is playing in the stores, people are enjoying shopping for others and families and friends are making memories together.

One of our family traditions is going to Opryland Hotel in Nashville and walking around looking at all the beautiful decorations, flowers and people. It’s such a festive place to be.  Some of our family (we have a big one so only some made it) met us at Opryland Hotel  this past Sunday. 

My husband Matt and I enjoyed an adult holiday beverage at The Falls restaurant while waiting for family to arrive. It was so relaxing and enjoyable.  We were soon joined by some of our kids and grandkids as you can see in the above photos. The tree we always get a photo in front of was decorated beautifully. But every year, as the parents of our grandkids try to gather the kids in front of the tree for that ‘perfect’ family photo, the kids don’t always want to cooperate . I think it’s hilarious because they are making silly faces or touching their sibling but the parents don’t find it so funny. 

Christmas Themed Parties

Another fun family tradition we started several years ago is a ‘Family Christmas Themed Party’.  I was inspired to do so after a trip we made to Italy and thought it might be fun to host a family dinner celebrating a Christmas in Italy themed party. So I did some research on Christmas meals and traditions and made decorations and a meal to match. I LOVE doing this each year for our kids and grandkids that can make it.  It’s part of our Christmas present to all of them. All they do is show up and have fun. Cousins play with each other, activities to do such as cookie decorating, good food to eat and lots of laughter and fun memories.

One year we had the ‘Grinch’ as our themed party with a Whoville menu and decorations. I think this one is the most memorable for everyone. Such a great time. This year my mom and brother will be joining us so we are having a ‘Tennessee Country Christmas‘. My mom and brother have lived in Alaska for the last 12-15 years (I can’t remember how long) so I have not had them near us at Christmas to partake in the festivities with us. I’m so excited to be able to have them here this year.

I can’t tell you what we are doing, what decorations or food I have planned as the family themed party for this year because it is always a SECRET!! I want it to be a complete surprise for my family; kind of like opening a gift.  I’ll post pictures after the party for you to see. I’ll let you know how it went but I expect it will be fun and memorable.

If any of you have some family traditions you would like to share, I would love to hear about them so please put them in the comments section.

Only 12 more days till Christmas Eve so be sure to stop in our store and other Mt. Pleasant shops to do some holiday shopping. We would appreciate it.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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