Last Week’s Blog – ‘Ditto’…….

Last Week’s Blog – ‘Ditto’ for This Week 🙂

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Ditto has a couple of meanings. For those of you who grew up in the 70’s, well ditto meant the coolest pants EVER!! They came in all kinds of colors and some had the seam on the butt and legs and others did not. Regardless, they were all COOL.  Loved, loved, loved those pants.


But for today’s ‘Ditto’ meaning for this week’s blog, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary – ditto means “to repeat the action or statement of”.  

Since last week’s blog was about Small Town Business Revolution and asking everyone to nominate Mt. Pleasant – I’m repeating the same blog as last week below. In other words, this week’s blog is ‘ditto’ of last week’s.

Please read the blog below for more information about nominating Mt. Pleasant. The deadline to nominate is Friday, October 26th. You only have today, tomorrow and Friday. So chop, chop…. get on it as soon as it is feasible for you.

Thank you (English),  Grazie (Italian), Gracias (Spanish), תודה (Hebrew), Merci (French),  Efharisto (Greek), Danke (German), Ngiyabonga (Zulu)


Several blogs ago, I mentioned Small Town Business Revolution‘ that provides an opportunity for  small towns undergoing revitalization efforts. Deluxe Inc. has provided marketing and other business services to both large and small companies since 1915.

When they celebrated their 100th Anniversary in 2015, they decided to give $500,000 to a small town in America to help with their revitalization efforts by helping small businesses.  Towns were nominated across the country and narrowed down to a handful. Then the handful chosen were voted on and one town was named the winner.

Amanda Brinkman from Deluxe and Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec came into the winning town along with a team of people to help businesses and the town with guidance on how to be successful and provide a face-lift where and if needed. The recipients of the town were six small businesses which were given marketing advice and materials, a refresh of their decor if needed, business advice, industry expertise, revamping of displays, and anything that may benefit the city as a whole up to $500,000 value. It’s really quite exciting! Deluxe filmed the revitalization process and people all over the country soon knew about X small town.

It was such a success the first year, Deluxe decided to keep going. They have completed 3 seasons and are now taking nominations for Season 4!! That’s where YOU come in.


Between now and October 26th we need you and your friends and family to go online and nominate Mt. Pleasant to be chosen as one of the finalists for receiving this generous opportunity. If in the end, we win the whole enchilada (which I think we can/will) 6 businesses in Mt. Pleasant  would be chosen to receive marketing and business advice and assistance where needed. (Deluxe chooses the six businesses by the way) It would really be a boost for them and our town. It would help get Mt. Pleasant on the map for people to visit our quaint little town and help the revitalization efforts. We need more people coming to town and shopping and dining for our town to thrive and be even a better place to live and work. (I know you’ve heard me say it a million times and I’ll be saying it a million more I’m sure) 🙂

How do you nominate Mt. Pleasant you ask?? Well, it’s very simple. Just follow these instructions. It may take anywhere between 5-20 minutes depending on how much you write – but OH MY – it could mean the difference between getting a chance to win or not. So PLEASE (yes, I’m begging and encouraging and asking and motivating you) take a few minutes out of your day and nominate our town.  THANK YOU!!!

  1. Go to Deluxe Small Business Revolution Nomination page. (click name or here)
  2. Fill out information about yourself,  City name, State and Population.
  3. In 500 words or less, type how bringing Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution – Main Street to Mt. Pleasant would make a difference.
  4. Hit ‘submit’ and you’re done.
  5. Tell all your friends and family about this opportunity and ask them to nominate Mt. Pleasant also.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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