1824 General Store’s One Year Anniversary!!

Grand Opening – November 4, 2017

I can’t believe it’s been one year already since we opened our store in Mt. Pleasant.  Sunday, November 4th will mark our one year in business. I remember last year on our Grand Opening – it was so awesome to cut the ribbon and open the doors for people to come in.  I was excited and nervous all at the same time. But so thrilled that so many people came out to join in our celebration.

Prior to that there was a lot of shopping, figuring out what people might like, displays to refinish and buy, POS system to choose, accounting and credit card machines, etc. It’s crazy how much goes into opening even a small store like ours. But we got the store open and we’ve learned by trial and error on what the market wants and we are still learning. 🙂 We’ve had a lot of fun our first year in business!!  🙂

YAY, you guys for shopping with us this past year, for telling others about our store, for giving us good ratings on Google and Facebook, for tagging us in your posts, for liking the products we have and coming back for more, for inspiring us to want to do better for each of you, to be a Mt. Pleasant store appreciated and needed in the community. We are so grateful for all of  you.

In deciding what to do and how to celebrate our one year anniversary, I waited for inspiration to hit me and thank goodness it did before the anniversary date. The Mt. Pleasant community means so much to me and my husband that we decided to do something that would include ‘Community Unity‘.

Beginning on our anniversary date (November 4th) through December 31st – we will be offering the following as a way to celebrate our one year in Mt.  Pleasant and celebrate the Mt. Pleasant community in the process.

  1. Purchase one or more J.M. Thomason seasoning tins (product manufactured and headquartered in Mt. Pleasant).
  2. From 1824 General Store (local Mt. Pleasant business).
  3. 1824 General Store will give $1.00 for every seasoning tin purchased to the Virginia Mai Kittrell Circle of King’s Daughters and Sons (a non-profit in Mt. Pleasant)
  4. Which goes to helping families in need in Mt. Pleasant.

Thank you all so much for your support this past year. We are looking forward to an amazing second year!!

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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