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Here we are coming up on the end of August already. We’ve had a taste of fall in the air these past couple of weeks with  some crisp, cool mornings.

But with fall and winter months ahead of us many kids and adults alike are susceptible to flu symptoms and colds. I remember last year when so many people got the flu or were concerned they would. Schools closed for flu days. That’s right, flu days not snow days. You know it’s serious stuff when the school tells kids to STAY HOME!!  

Regular and Spicy Tonic Available

People were flocking to our store to get Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic in hopes to avoid the flu or a cold.  This tonic is amazing and people  that took it daily told me it kept them from getting ill altogether or had very few symptoms that were short lived.  I  took my tablespoon a day as well and for me, it kept the doctor away. No flu or cold for me!! 🙂


What a pleasure it is for me to highlight this Made in Tenn product, Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic and the Founder of the company, Ashley Merrill. Not only is Ashley a kind and caring person but her product is outstanding! 

Ashley is a Nashville native, passionate about her family’s health and yours. We are so fortunate to have her quality product sold in our store that has helped so many. Several of you met her at our Made in Tenn Tasting Event this month as she was there handing out tastings and talking about her products.

What is Mama Merrill’s Elderberry TonicIt’s a tonic that helps boost your immune system and provides additional benefits.

When asked how she got started in her business, she said, “I was basically an accidental entrepreneur. Just being a mom trying to take care of my kiddos. Especially during the winter months I saw the need for a higher quality Elderberry syrup without funky preservatives like sugar or high fructose corn syrup. The only solution I could come up with was to start making my own, and I figured while I was at it I should add healthy ingredients and make it tasty!  It impacted our family’s health so positively, I couldn’t help but share it with everyone I came across. When friends and family kept coming back for more, I realized I had a wonderful opportunity to make it a business.”

Ashley knew elderberries helped boost the immune system and spent two years developing and testing  Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonics using a proprietary process and blend of powerful ingredients.

“I added ingredients we were already trying to incorporate into our diets, like local honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger and turmeric.” said Ashley.


Each of the ingredients used in Mama Merrill’s Tonic have been carefully selected because of their scientifically proven positive effects such as reduced inflammation, seasonal allergy relief and a greater immune system to help fight off sickness.

I thank God every day for the opportunity to be a small part of helping others get sick less often and feel better when they do get sick! The testimonies we receive from people thanking us for the products keeps us going, knowing that we are making a tangible difference in the daily lives of many people! “, says Ashley.

I too have heard COUNTLESS testimonials from our customers that take this tonic who avoided the flu, never caught a cold when everyone around them seemed to have one and just feel better overall. The positive testimonials go on and on.

So, if you haven’t been taking your daily dose of Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic, I HIGHLY encourage you to start doing so before the flu and cold season comes.  Because it comes every year like clockwork. But doing what you can to improve your immune system before it hits will really help reduce your chances of catching anything.

In our 1824 General Store, we carry both Regular and Spicy Mama Merrill’s Elderberry Tonic. In the beginning of September we will also have her newest product Mama Merrill’s Simple Elderberry Tonic. This tonic was crafted specifically for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain spices or honey.  It has only 3 ingredients: Water, 100% Apple Juice, and Elderberries! Come and get it!! You’ll be sooooo glad you did. 🙂

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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Organic Sambucus Nigra Elderberries– high in vitamin C and flavonoids & shown to have extensive health benefits; prevent & reduce cold & flu symptoms, anti-oxidants (cancer prevention), promote regularity, lower blood sugar, skin revitalizer, circulatory system protectant and more!

Local (Middle Tennessee) Honey– known for its ability to ease allergy symptoms naturally, learn more here. 

Apple Cider Vinegar– the health benefits of ACV are too vast to list! Learn more here. 

Immune-Boosting Spice Blend containing Turmeric– Scientists have discovered the power of Turmeric exceeds that of 10 commonly prescribed medications used to treat inflammation, depression, chronic pain, cancer and more!

Mama Merrill’s Spicy Elderberry &Turmeric Tonic with Cayenne & Pepper is the same basic recipe,with a couple powerful additions. Sweet with a kick, it’s a crowd favorite! Cayenne has been scientifically proven to aid in detox, and benefits the gut, heart and more! Scientists have also proven Black Pepper increases the absorption of Turmeric! Learn more here.

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