To All 1824 General Store Customers, Mt. Pleasant Residents, Visitors, Vendors and Mt. Pleasant Small Business Owners

June 25, 2020

Dear Customers and Vendors,

It is with a heavy heart I am writing this letter. In November of 2017, I opened my store, 1824 General Store. My husband and I moved to Mt. Pleasant in the spring of 2017 because we loved the historic downtown as well as the charming homes in the historic neighborhood. After speaking with the City Manager about the City, we learned of its revitalization efforts including private investors that wanted to help revitalize the town by fixing up buildings and preserving its history while giving people who wanted to realize a dream of opening a storefront the opportunity to do so in a beautiful building and charming small town.

My career has been on the business side of healthcare which was very rewarding. But I had an opportunity to fulfill a dream of mine; opening a small store in a small town. Knowing that Mt. Pleasant was not yet thriving but going through a revitalization process, I thought maybe by opening a storefront business that I could in some small way contribute to the revitalization efforts by giving residents and visitors alike another business to shop, a business to walk to from the surrounding neighborhoods, a place to get Made in TN food products and other food and gift items. My vision was to be the town’s ‘general store’ from the past but with a modern twist; all with a ‘Hallmark feel’.  A vision of being that store as Hallmark movies portray, where residents come in not only to my store but all the small businesses in town and wrap their arms around them in love and support as well as from people from other communities.

We have had residents and visitors do just that over the years and are grateful for each and every one of you! But unfortunately we have seen a decline in business over the last year and a half and with Covid19 this year, business has slowed even more and it no longer makes sense for us to remain open. It has not been an easy decision and one that I have contemplated for a long time as I have not wanted to close my doors – but it is time. We will remain in business through August 31, 2020 at the latest. Everything will be for sale; shelving, refrigerators, freezers, displays, etc. We are not having a ‘clearance sale’ of marking everything down to give away prices although several items will marked as ‘sale’ items. Whatever does not sell in Mt. Pleasant, we will move to one of our booths in Bleu32, Fireflies or Painted Tree until inventory is sold. Displays and shelving will be marked for sale on Saturday, June 27th if anyone is interested in looking to purchase. We will also post on social media.

It has been an amazing journey and I have no regrets as I’ve been able to realize a dream of mine even if for a short time and be a small part of the revitalization efforts of Mt. Pleasant. I’ve been able to work side by side with passionate, caring, hardworking small business owners focused on the revitalization of Mt. Pleasant and a love for their community. They are amazing men and women. I’ve been able to meet so many different people from my community, from surrounding towns and people from out of State. I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of 1824 General Store over the last 2.5+ years.  I appreciate your support of my business and the City of Mt. Pleasant.

I know how much all the small businesses in Mt. Pleasant need the support of the residents and surrounding communities as well as visitors to be able to keep their doors open. They are all here for similar reasons; to realize a dream of theirs and to be an integral part of the Mt. Pleasant community. I cannot stress enough the importance of showing support for them as often as possible. It will help them keep their doors open, help them pay their bills, provide for their family and be able to offer a service or product to this wonderful community. Let’s make sure we all support our local businesses; it’s good for them, good for us as residents and good for our community as a whole.

Several of the retailers started the Stop-Shop-Small campaign (#stopshopsmall and @stopshopsmall) months ago in an effort to bring awareness to people about the importance of shopping small businesses. As you drive by a small business in your community wherever you live or work, take the time to STOP and SHOP a SMALL business. They will REALLY appreciate it. Sure, you may find an item 25 cents or a few dollars cheaper at Dollar General or Walmart but if you can afford it – pay the difference and support your community. All small businesses need the support of their communities; now more than ever. The owners want to be there, they want to provide a service or product for their community and the only way they can do that is for people to stop and shop their small business. I will be promoting ‘Stop Shop Small’ businesses on FB and Instagram pages to bring awareness to communities about it’s importance and highlight small businesses.

Thank you to all the vendors that have worked with me over the years to provide amazing products for me to sell. You guys have been great to work with and I’ve been so honored to meet the small business owners of Made in TN products, realizing their dreams as well.

I know the good-bye letter is long but how do I express my love and gratitude for all those that have shopped in my store or worked with me on initiatives over the years in a single Facebook post? I can’t! 🙂 I thank you again for your support over the years and ask you to support Mt. Pleasant’s small businesses. Here are a few of them to consider below.

With much love and appreciation to all of you. Now, onto the next journey or chapter of my life whatever that may be.

Angela Newman, Owner of 1824 General Store

The Perk Spot Coffee Shop

Pearl Henry Boutique and Salon

Too Much Stuff Emporium

120 North Main

Muletown Hemp

Breckenridge Baby Boutique

Axe & Amp

Mt. Pleasant Grille

Smawls Tap Room

Mt. Pleasant Marketplace

JJ Ashley’s Mt. Pleasant

Kinzer Pharmacy

Paperweight Printing

Lightning’s Barber Shop

Site Southern

Celebrate Successes!

We are still alive and well here at 1824 General Store. With the silence of my blog for awhile, you may have thought differently or never even noticed. 🙂

I had my blog all written out last night while enjoying some much needed quiet time. But then I woke up this morning and drew a card from my ‘positive jar’ and was inspired by the words. The card read, ‘Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go.’

My husband and I opened our store on November 4th, 2017; a whopping year and a half ago. In some ways the time has flown by and others it’s slower than what I envisioned for my Hallmark world. But nonetheless, an adventure, a journey in my life to where I am today. It’s very different from the healthcare corporate world I came from but a new adventure where I am experiencing and learning new things.

But the journey of the last year and a half has brought me to yet another place along the way; Columbia, Tenn. A couple of weeks ago we announced the opening of another location calling it 1807 General Store named after the year Columbia was chartered as city just as 1824 is named after Mt. Pleasant’s year.

Although it’s not a ‘storefront‘ like 1824 General Store, we are nonetheless excited to have a presence in Columbia. (but who knows what the future holds) It’s a beautiful city that is rapidly growing and going through its own revitalization efforts. We are located in a store called Bleu32 Vintage Marketplace on the 2nd floor in the far left corner. It’s a beautiful marketplace filled with all kinds of furniture, gifts and clothing both new and used. Lots of treasures to look at on 3 floors. It’s located in downtown Columbia surrounded by many other shops and restaurants.

Follow 1807 General Store on Facebook and Instagram @1807generalstore.

In addition to running and opening the General Stores, I’ve been helping out another business with their projects and goals. Life is busy but fun! I’m so grateful to be a part of these businesses in Maury County and be on this journey in my life. Sometimes for a brief few moments, I find myself focusing on all the things that aren’t going the way I envisioned or not going as fast as I’d like. Then I have to remind myself of all the things that have gone magnificently wonderful and perfect and in the right timing and how much fun it will be to see things unfold so perfectly and so awesome-ingly (new word) in the months and years to come.

As they say, “Enjoy the Journey”. Sometimes easier said than done but it’s a great reminder that there is so much knowledge to gain, inspiration to share and fun to be had along the way. And really that can be just as satisfying and sometimes more rewarding than reaching the end.

The City of Mt. Pleasant and the City of Columbia are on their own journey of revitalization and growth which is exciting to see and experience not only as a business owner but as a resident of Maury County. I too am on my own journey as we all are in our lives. But regardless of where you are today and where you want to be; celebrate your success in how far you’ve come and believe without any doubt that all things will come together for you to see your dreams/goals come to fruition.

I can’t end a blog without my request of asking locals to shop local, to eat local and to attend local events. Small businesses are usually run by families and need your support to keep their doors open. We won’t have everything you need but as I always ask, please check out the small, local shops to see if they have something first before going elsewhere. There are price ranges in all the shops that will suit everyone’s budget. By doing so, YOUR community will benefit as a whole and will have a positive impact on the city.

Every Saturday night during the summer at 8pm in the parking lot of Muletown Hemp and Cafe in Mt. Pleasant is movie night. The owners of the business have agreed to set up a movie screen and provide a bag of free popcorn to kids and a FREE movie EVERY Saturday night. So take the kids to a super hero movie and thank the owners for providing this benefit to the community. 🙂

Positive changes happening at the Mt. Pleasant Grille as well. Follow them on Facebook to keep up with the news! Come on out and dine with them. They have a soda fountain, a beautiful event room and delicious food.

Until next time,

Angela 🙂

Wow! Time Flies When…..

Photo Credit: A Kat and a Mouse

Time flies when you’re having fun, when you’re working long hours, when you’re on vacation, when there are family obligations.. blah, blah, blah. 🙂 But it’s so true. When I sat down to write a blog this week, I realized just how fast time flies. I couldn’t believe it was 3 weeks ago since the last post. My husband and I went on an amazing vacation for a week and thanks to my wonderful mother, daughter and son for holding down the fort at the store while we were gone. It was a fun time making lots of memories. I so appreciate having the opportunity to have gone.

There is so much I want to share this week. First and foremost, if you haven’t visited EM space furniture store located on Main Street (across the street from us with the black awning) – I highly recommend you do. I found some beautiful things myself. Go check them out and support local business. I’m sure the owner, Michelle Morgan will appreciate it.

I realize it is only March and Christmas is not until December. However, in order to have an amazing, fabulous, fun event – planning must start waaaaaay ahead of time. We have a committee for Maury’s Mayberry Christmas that is working hard and bringing all kinds of creative ideas to make this event very memorable for all. Mark your calendars to attend. It will take place on Saturday, December 7th!

Last week, the Mt. Pleasant Chamber of Commerce held their annual banquet at Mt. Pleasant Grille. In lieu of several speakers, the Chamber decided this year to interview a handful of downtown merchants that are members of the Chamber asking several questions about their business and what they hope to see in Mt. Pleasant’s future as a business owner and the City in general. Below are links to each interview for your viewing pleasure.

There was a similar message throughout even though no one spoke beforehand about what to say. We were in agreement that we all appreciate the communities that support our local businesses, the people who we interact with daily. And the hope and anticipation of a future in Mt. Pleasant that brings more people and businesses to the downtown so it’s thriving and alive for all who visit, work and live here. Please continue to shop and dine in Mt. Pleasant and support your local businesses. 🙂

Enjoy your week! Don’t forget to appreciate….. We have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes it may seem hard to find something, but there always is ‘Something’.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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The Great British Baking Show and the Iconic Bowls

If you are familiar with the British Bake Off show that has aired for several years, then you’ve probably noticed all the iconic Mason Cash bowls they use on the show. This is where I first learned of these and have since used for my own personal use.

I was so excited to be able to choose for all of you Mason Cash products that I think you will enjoy using as much as I do. At last our shipment arrived and it was an exciting and fun day to unpack these beautiful pieces of cookware to display in our store. As soon as you get an opportunity, come on down to the store and check out the selection for yourself or as a gift.

I know some of you do not like to think about Christmas shopping in March – but I’m telling you if you purchase something like a Mason Cash bowl or cookware – anyone that cooks, bakes, etc. is sure to be pleased with a gift like this. You might as well start now. You’ll probably thank me when it gets closer to Christmas and you pull out the Mason Cash you bought back in March and realize you are almost done with your shopping. 🙂 Oh Happy Days!!

According to food52 –
Mason Cash began in the English village of Church Gresley in the early 1800s, first under the name of Master Potter ‘Bossy’ Mason. In 1901, Thomas Cash purchased the pottery from Bossy, keeping the original name and combining with his own to form Mason Cash & Co.

Church Gresley was one of a collection of English villages at the epicenter of a flourishing pottery industry during the nineteenth century. Along with Swadlincote and Woodville, these villages gave rise to a community of potteries and artisans who were drawn to the region because of the plentiful, naturally occurring coal and clay.

Home cooks everywhere love Mason Cash not only because of the beauty of their products and the long time history of its existence, but the design and functionality. Food52 says, Snuggle the mixing bowl firmly under the crook of your arm and the raised pattern acts as a grip while you whip your batters into submission. No slippery twisting and turning.

The bowls will stand the test of time. But it’s not just bowls Mason Cash produces but other baking and cooking items such as the pie funnels and measuring spoons. Come on in and check it out.

Some Announcements in the Town

  • Nelipot Boutique is closed until March 9th at which time they will reopen celebrating their ONE year anniversary. Check out their FB page for more details.
  • Mt. Pleasant Grille is ready to serve up some breakfast, lunch and dinner to all of you so stop on in and enjoy a good meal and service. They also have a ‘Customer Experience Survey’ they would love for you to take so they know what they are doing great and where improvement is needed. You can scan the QR Code on the back of the card or type in a web address to access the survey next time you dine at the Grille.
  • Perk Spot Coffee Shop and Kinzer Pharmacy are the two new businesses on Main Street so be sure to stop by and check them out if you haven’t yet.

We will be heading out this week on vacation but not to worry. My mother, son and daughter will be taking good care of the store and our house in our absence. Stop on by the store and say hello to them. Thank goodness for family to pitch in when needed. 🙂

Until next time 🙂 Angela – We (small business owners) LOVE it when you shop small with us. Thank you!

I Heart Mount Pleasant

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! I hope each and everyone of you take a few moments today and reflect on all the things you LOVE in your life. We have so much to be thankful for even if things don’t seem like we do or feel like we do. And some days, the best we can do is be thankful and LOVE only trees, the sun or the moon but that’s good enough. The most important thing is simply being appreciative for something. There will be days where we LOVE everything around us and everybody and other days, well….. we just aren’t feeling the LOVE so much. But everyday there is something or someone to love and appreciate. Today is Valentine’s Day so enjoy it with those you love.

In the spirit of LOVE, there is currently an I HEART MOUNT PLEASANT campaign going on in case you were not aware. It’s a social media campaign; something fun to express your love for Mt. Pleasant and get your name entered into a drawing.

According to the Facebook page there will be a winner for a very sweet prize!! The prize is for a 2 night stay for two at The Loft at 109  (above photo), Breakfast for Two at the Perk Spot Coffee Shop, a 1-hour massage from Mindful Palm and $100 Gift Card for use in any of the stores on Main Street in downtown.

Here are the contest rules:
1) “LIKE” the Visit Mount Pleasant, TN fb Page
2) Share this post
3) Tag a Mount Pleasant, TN Business that you LOVE
4) Leave a comment below about something or someone you LOVE in Mount Pleasant, TN

A winner will be announced on February 28, 2019!
This contest will run for the month of February. 
Winners will be chosen from a random drawing. 
Heart Felt “LOVE story” comments will earn extra entries.


Here are some of the downtown shops and restaurants with nice Valentine’s gifts and dinner options. I’m sure they’d all love to see you today.

  • Pearl Henry Boutique
  • Nelipot Boutique
  • Breckenridge Baby
  • Too Much Stuff Emporium
  • 1824 General Store (of course)
  • Mt. Pleasant Grille (awesome decor and food planned for dinner; call for reservations)
  • TJ Smawls
  • MP Marketplace
  • Pizza Place
  • Pepe’s Mexican Food
  • Muletown Hemp and Cafe
  • Perk Spot Coffee Shop
  • Becky’s Do or Dye

Until next time 🙂 Angela

Life’s Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant

Life is Pleasant in Mt. Pleasant! 🙂 Going along with the ‘pleasant’ theme, this week’s blog is all about some of the pleasant happenings for Valentine’s in Mt. Pleasant. There’s no need to go anywhere else when there is good dining and enjoyment right here so start making your plans.

A new business in town is the Good Word Press located in Mt. Pleasant behind the police department. Check out their Facebook page for more information. Show your love through a message on a wood press poster.

Valentine’s Dining in Mt. Pleasant

If you haven’t started to plan your Valentine’s Day dinner, don’t worry, Mt. Pleasant Grille has. They will be serving the menu you know and love as well as an all new, one night only, Valentine’s Special!  Check their Facebook page for more details. Reservations are encouraged!  Call now to reserve a spot. (931) 379-7228

If you live out in Spring Hill or Columbia and do not want to drive to Mt. Pleasant, why not hop on the Muletown Trolley for only $1 and get dropped off in Mt. Pleasant? You can enjoy shopping and dining on Valentine’s and everyday. Check out their website for schedules.

Valentine’s Mini Photo Session
Saturday, February 9th at Breckenridge Baby Boutique , 10-15 Minute Sessions
4 Digital Images for $40. Add $10 for more than 4 children in 1 family. For more information, click on the above link.

Learn how to massage your loved ones feet with the loving healing art of reflexology at Mindful Palm. Join other couples to explore how to exchange foot massages in a relaxing loving way💜
This class is not limited to just couples. Single? Bring your best friend, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle.. For more information check out the link above.


A Little of This and a Little of That :)

Table Centerpiece at Maury Alliance Dinner

Last night, January 31st was the annual meeting for Maury Alliance held at Puckett’s in downtown Columbia. I personally was not in attendance but the City of Mt. Pleasant had a table reserved. Apparently every year, the sponsors of the tables are asked to bring a centerpiece that represents their business or City. Then at the end of the evening the centerpieces are judged and a winner is chosen.

A few weeks ago I was asked if I could work with Tom Harmon from Too Much Stuff to come up with a theme and design for the centerpiece for this annual event. So Tom came over to my store and the brainstorming began. Then he saw my Sweet Grass Farms display where the bike sat and inspiration hit!

The inspiration continued and we decided to go with the bike as our centerpiece and Tom would fill the baskets with beautiful fresh flowers.

When my mother and I were chatting about it she suggested the theme’ Mt. Pleasant Then and Now’. I love team work. Next, I chose photos from books from the Mt. Pleasant Museum to use and reached out to Dave at Paperweight Printing to compile the photos in such a way that they would stand up in front of the bike on both sides with the photos presented in a timeline from 1824 – 2019. Teamwork resulted in a beautiful centerpiece depicting ‘Mt. Pleasant Then and Now’. Although the centerpiece that was a chocolate fountain with strawberries to dip won, the Mt. Pleasant centerpiece received numerous compliments. The bike will be on display at City Hall for a few days so stop on by.

Thank you Tom, Mom, and Dave for making it happen.

Does anyone leave their Christmas tree up through March???

My mom retired recently and moved from Alaska living with us temporarily until she decides what State she wants to settle in. She arrived about a week prior to Christmas and loves our tree by the front door. I usually take it down around New Year’s Day but not this year. It’s STILL by the front door. She loves the light and ambiance it gives. I have to admit it does look beautiful but…….

Some of you may have met my mother already as she has been helping out in the store lately. She was working in retail prior to leaving Alaska so she enjoys being back in it on her terms this time. 🙂 She has asked if the tree can remain there through March because she loves it so much. Oh my….. so we will probably accommodate MOM. I have to admit, it’s weird having it there but I LOVE Christmas so it’s nice all at the same time.


Kinzer Pharmacy is currently accepting prescription transfers in preparation of opening their doors for business next week. I stopped by the other day and got a tour of the place; it’s looking good and will soon be ready for customers.

Mt. Pleasant Marketplace is opening today from 10am – 7pm. It’s located in a building across from City Hall at 111 Public Square. It will have several vendor booths set up for your shopping pleasure.

Until next time 🙂 Angela

Don’t forget – if you haven’t already please follow us on Facebook and Instagram @1824generalstore . We would appreciate it.

Somewhere In Time

Main Street, Mt. Pleasant, Tenn

Last night I was watching one of my all time favorite shows, ‘Somewhere in Time‘ with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. I haven’t watched it for at least 10 years but the other day my husband and I and my mother were talking about time travel which led to, “Let’s watch Somewhere in Time”.

It’s a love story based on time travel where Christopher Reeve sacrifices living in the present to find love in the past. It’s such a romantic, love story based on time travel. If you’ve never watched it, I highly recommend it. The Grand Hotel in the movie where it takes place is on Mackinac Island in Michigan. Every year they have a ‘Somewhere in Time’ weekend. This past year was in October 2018.

For approximately $1500 per couple you get the following:

  • Accommodations
  • Full breakfast and dinner daily
  • Thursday evening Welcome Reception
  • Friday evening reception
  • Saturday Grand Luncheon Buffet
  • Saturday evening reception
  • Special showing of Somewhere in Time
  • Free golf green fees on The Jewel (cart fee required)
  • Special discount on ferry boat tickets
  • No tipping within Grand Hotel

Some day my husband and I will make the weekend trip to Mackinac Island for the Somewhere in Time weekend. I think it would be so much fun. But besides the fact that I love this movie, it made me think about time travel and Mt. Pleasant. Here we are in 2019 with paved roads, cars, electricity, A/C , cell phones, computers etc.

But what was it like in Mt. Pleasant in 1824 when the city was chartered?

Would you want to travel back in time to Mt. Pleasant in 1824 if you had the ability? Was it a time when the City was a bustling place filled with people walking Main Street, shopping in the stores, conversing on the streets, attending fun parties and building beautiful homes? I know during the phosphate era it was that way, but what was it like in 1824?

According to the Tennessee Encyclopedia , it was in 1896 that Judge S. O. Weatherly discovered brown rock near Mt. Pleasant. This site contained brown phosphate rock of high grade and proved to be one of the most important mineral discoveries in Tennessee. As news of this find spread, mining and industry moved into the area. Mt. Pleasant became a boomtown with the population increasing from 466 in 1890 to 2,000 in 1900, and fifteen companies were in operation in the early 1900s. Small companies were bought or forced out by larger companies.

But that was in the 1900 time frame that Mt. Pleasant was thriving. But what was 1824 in Mt. Pleasant like when it was first chartered? In 1890 there was only 466 people living here so was it more or less populated in 1824? I would love to hear what you know about that time period. Would you want to travel back in time in 1824 to Mt. Pleasant? Why or why not? Comment on your thoughts as well as your knowledge of Mt. Pleasant in 1824.

It’s fascinating to me to see how places looked and the way people lived and worked back in the day and how it has changed over the years. If I were to travel back in time, I would go to England in the Victorian Era wearing a beautiful dress, eating off of fancy china, living in a gorgeous home decorated with the all the beautiful material of the Victorian era and ornate fixtures. However, I would want it to include the comforts of today like heat, air conditioning and up to date bathrooms and computers. 🙂

I like to ‘have my cake and eat it too“. Why have just one or the other?

Until next time 🙂 Angela

The Perk Spot Coffee Shop

Candace and Aaron Davaloz are the proud owners of a new coffee shop in Mt. Pleasant. I first met Candace when she was working for the court in Mt. Pleasant. She would stop in our store and grab some snacks and gift items from time to time. She was always so bubbly and cheery and easy to talk to. It was ALWAYS a pleasure having her stop in the store and chat.

I remember her telling me how she had worked in the coffee industry off and on since a young adult and how much she loved serving people and making coffee and latte’s for others. She even continued doing it once in awhile ‘ FOR FUN‘. 🙂

Although her day job was working at the court each day that was not where her passion was. Then she had the opportunity to run the Buckhead – Mt. Pleasant location so she jumped all over that. Customers loved her!! She greeted customers with enthusiasm, caring and kindness. People started frequenting the coffee shop more often because Candace was there and she was able to wake up each day knowing she was fulfilling her own passion.

Then the most AMAZING opportunity presented itself to her; to own her own coffee shop in the town she loved and serving the people she loved. She could not pass up the chance to make a dream of hers come to fruition. So, Candace and her husband did what every new business owners do and that’s figure out if it really is doable financially and whether or not they are willing to put in the time and energy day after day to run a business.

Fortunately for all of us, they decided to move forward and take the leap of faith. When she told me about this opportunity and how she has dreamed of having her own coffee shop for a gazillion years, I asked her if she also had a name chosen for when that day would arrive. She without hesitation said, ‘Yes, The Perk Spot Coffee Shop“.

They quickly got it all together as they did not want to be closed for a long period of time but there were permits, licenses and inspections to be had before opening the doors. Oh yeah, and equipment to purchase and have installed. As you can see from the photo above, Candace was very excited to receive her brand new Espresso machine. 🙂

And then opening day arrived on Tuesday, January 15th!!! What an exciting day for the new business owners and for all of us in Mt. Pleasant. We are so glad you are here Candace. And not only do we have a wonderful, community coffee shop here in town owned by a great couple but they are also open from 7:30am – 7pm Monday – Friday. Yay! In fact, last night I went in around 6pm and grabbed some fresh ground coffee for breakfast this morning. It is also nice to have another store open till 7pm as we are. They are open on Saturdays from 8am – 4pm.

Drink Menu for The Perk Spot

So, why not grab a cup of coffee before work and then come on back after work and grab another then walk across the street to our store and grab something to bring home for dinner like some delicious Liberty Trace Farm meat, Tallgrass meat, Coco’s Italian Market pizza or ravioli? See how convenient we make it for you?

Stop in this week and check out the new decor, food products, drink menu and say hi to Candace. Oh yeah, don’t forget to follow her on Facebook so you stay current with the happenings of The Perk Spot Coffee Shop.

Welcome Aaron and Candace!! Until next time 🙂 Angela


All Hands on Deck: Photo Credit Smart Living 360

2018 was a great year for our first full year in business thanks to all of you who shopped with us. We appreciate you so much!

Hello 2019! As a small business owner, the tasks do not end when operating hours close. There is always accounting, displays, social media, purchasing product, cleaning; the list goes on and on. Now I don’t say that as a complaint at all because that’s what we all signed up for.

With the end of year comes the end of year inventory count. Prior to opening my store, my experience was in supply chain and operations in the healthcare field. So I know how long and tedious an inventory count can be.

With that in mind, I needed All Hands On Deck both New Year’s Eve day and New Years Day to perform an inventory count. So I reached out to my mom who is visiting for a few months and my husband to assist. They totally ROCK!! We got it all done and Christmas displays changed out.

Another example of All Hands On Deck is Kinzer Pharmacy coming in February to Mt. Pleasant. Driving by on New Years, a truck was backed up to the store and things happening in preparation for their business. So exciting. I love seeing new businesses come to Mt. Pleasant and buildings filling up. If you follow them on Facebook you can keep track of their opening dates.

The Perk Spot is coming soon to downtown Mt. Pleasant. If you aren’t aware, Buckhead – Mt. Pleasant location closed their doors on December 22nd.

As we all know – every town needs a coffee shop so Candace the former manager of the Buckhead Mt. Pleasant location is opening her own coffee shop in the same location. She has a gazillion years of experience in the coffee industry and is fulfilling a life time dream of hers. All Hands On Deck for Candace soon in preparing for her coffee shop to open. Give them a follow too so you know when the opening date is.

Another exciting business coming to Mt. Pleasant is Good Wood Press. George Hamilton V  hosts Mt. Pleasant’s own radio show on Fridays from 9am -10am on WKOM. He is opening up this store front business in the building next to Hay Long Hall.

All Hands On Deck now in preparing the building for its’ January 2019 opening.  Give them a follow on Facebook too.

Everywhere we turn there is All Hands On Deck where new business owners are fulfilling a dream of theirs and providing  a service /goods to the community they love.  So let’s support all of our local Mt. Pleasant businesses. We want them to be around for a loooooong time. 🙂

Until next time 🙂 Angela

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